Common WordPress Beginners Mistake

Common WordPress Beginners Mistake

WordPress is a great platform for beginners who want to start their own website. It’s a kind of platform where there is relatively negligible barrier. Since you are beginner therefore, more prone to commit mistakes. To avoid some foolish mistakes you need to get some smarter ideas.

Here we are presenting some common mistakes that usually beginners do.

Opting a poorly coded theme

While searching for a free theme you may find yourself in a trap of bad coders which may ruin your site. So, now the question is, how do you choose correct theme? If you want to choose a free and beautiful theme, we highly recommend you to choose one from WordPress approved list of developers. You may find lots of free themes which are not developed by professionals and hence you get into trouble. However, it is suggested to go with premium themes. They provide you full support and has almost negligible chances of errors.

Go with the Default Login stats

While installing WordPress you are choose your login details. Most of the users choose common username and password and do not change later. Hackers have idea of commonly used details. To avoid such discrepancies it is recommended to choose difficult username and password. Best password is a combination of pets, character, symbols, lowercase and uppercase letters. Some online tools are also available that help in creating more complex password.

Avoiding some basic page elements

While initializing a website it is easy to carry some essential stuff which may create trouble later if left. For example, every site should contain contact-us page, about-us page. Without such elements your site won’t look complete and your site would lack from essential information. User would not be able to get an idea what your site is all about and without any contact information user would not be able to contact for his queries etc.

Forget to change Permalinks

You cannot remember the url if, not readable and given a pattern. The way wordPress creates permalinks is random and difficult to remember as it is a combination of some special characters, numbers and alphabets. You can simply solve this trouble by logging into dashboard > settings > permalinks. From here you can select the pattern you want to give as a url to your posts.

Not using SEO Plugin

Getting business through online is in trend now days. You can miss that online business if your website is not optimized according to search engine. There are lots of plugins available online which makes SEO simple for novice users. You need to just install any of WordPress certified plugin and follow the steps and you are ready to go.

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